The Federal Bureau of Incoherency

     The Suspects and The Various Theories

Sentinel Suspects [people who might be "The One"]

  1. Runescapian, who has "Rune" in his name, and also has "R" "U" "N" and "E", which is linked deeply to the clues.  The "R" comes from the error in "Chrocolate_Soda, the "U" comes from the error in "Aeturnus_Flammus" [should be an E], the "N"comes from "thiking", a faked typo from the hint on page three, and the "E" comes from "He is Not Arachnomancer" + "E", an anagram of "Oh! A Characters Nine... Omen?".  The fact that R, U, N and E appear in "Runescapian" in the same order as they do hidden in the clues is something to be considered.  In addition to tis, Runes were used on page five in a hint at the top, another clue leading to Runescapian's name.  Also to be considered is the fact that, according to fok, runescapian has stated that he likes anagrams, making him a possible creator of all the hints, and thus mastermind of The List. 
  2. EvilsergeE, who left an AIM chatroom to be followed shortly after by AIM accounts named "theiblist" and "sentinal4" [proven to be a sentinel, at least]
  3.  Arachnomancer, since the anagram of "Oh! A Characters Nine... Omen?" contains her name and she posted The List thread to begin with.  Also, the clue "first time with a mod" one page five is suggestive of the relationship between Ara and the mod Swim_Odin. In this post, Ara makes Swimmod_Isen scared, and that makes her smile.  in the same thread, Ara says "My first time with a mod... good times, good times" in refrence to Isen.  Clearly, there's a connection with the hint on page 5. The means Ara is a CONFIRMED colaborater in The List.  This post, made shortly after we discovered the other post, served to verify this.
  4. IP banned user Kagome_Naked, who is good at HTML and might be looking for a way to be a presence on the forums without actually being there.

In addition to suspects, there have been a number of theories regarding the relevance of zodiac dates and symbols [e.i. habd]  to the list and clues, as well as theories based off english numeric values [e.i. a=1, b=2, c=3, etc.]


1.  The Zodiac Theorie Part 1 [astrological signs according to registration date]: 

In the clues:

foureyes:                                                             scorpio
aeturnus_flammus (aeternus_flammus):    cancer
Jealousy:                                                         capricorn
chrocolate_soda (chocolate_soda ?):            taurus
master debater (Master-Debater131 ?):       gemini

fourand20:                                                               libra
Vicious-Covus (can't find a close match):        ????
NickMB:                                                             aquarius
MiroksTwinSister (MirokusTwinSister):                leo
K3HATESYOU:                                                    taurus

Two taurus appear in the list, but no taurus symbols in the clue.   Ten names total, ten sentinels.  These are probably not them, but still...

also a gemini in the list, but no gemini symbol in the clue [the sybol clue on page 3].
two sagittarius in the clue [page 3 symbols], but none in the list.

2.   DrewId's Zodiac Theory  [Zodiac symbols from page 3 of The List, which are and aren't included?]:  

The symbols which appear on page 3 are zodiac symbols for the following:

    * Sagitarious
    * Virgo
    * Cancer
    * Libra 
    * Aquarius 
    * Virgo
    * Sagitarious
    * Capricorn
    * Virgo
    * Leo

those zodiacs listed (alphabetically and without repeats): 
    * Aquarius
    * Cancer
    * Capricorn
    * Leo
    * Libra
    * Sagitarious
    * Virgo

Those represented twice: 
    * Sagitarious (2)
    * Virgo (3)

Those missing: 
    * Ares
    * Taurus
    * Gemini
    * Pices


3. Mathematic Conversions:

A = 1J = 10 (1)S = 19 (10) (1)
B = 2K = 11 (2)T = 20 (2)
C = 3L = 12 (3)U = 21 (3)
D = 4M = 13 (4)V = 22 (4)
E = 5N = 14 (5)W = 23 (5)
F = 6O = 15 (6)X = 24 (6)
G = 7P = 16 (7)Y = 25 (7)
H = 8Q = 17 (8)Z = 26 (8)
I = 9R = 18 (9)

An erroneous "R" and "U" were placed in the names of the user in the first clue.

R [18th letter] 18=1+8=9= 3 squared 
and U [21st letter] 21=2+1=3              Which leads us to beleive 3 is also important.


2 and 6....2, FOUR, 6...
OR added 2+6=8...which is 2 fours...

4.  The Zodiac Theory [Part 3] Transfer the first letter of each zodiac into a number.  Ultimatley, narrow the list down to one of 16 people.

* Sagitarious
* Virgo
* Cancer
* Libra
* Aquarius
* Virgo
* Sagitarious
* Capricorn
* Virgo
* Leo

S       V     C     L     A     C      S       C      L      V
19    22    3    12    1     3      19      3     12    22

10 4 4 3 1 3 10 3 3 4
add 3 and 1 together to get:
10 4 4 3 4 10 3 3 4

3 '4's and 4 '3's. but there is no 4. so:

using the next rubric: 10 4 4 3 4 10 3 3 4

10 3 1 3 10 3 3 = 4 4 4 3
Four doesn't exist, take out the four to get:
Every 3rd person on "The List":

Surely, not all these clues are inteneded.  It's likely it has something to do with zodiacs, however.  I might go to bed soon, I'm a bit tired of sorting through peoples' insane theories.