The Federal Bureau of Incoherency

This is the second page of "the list"

Page Two of The List


At 4:44PM...We smelled sex and candy.

Sex and candy is a song by the band "Marcy Playground".  A line from the song is "Yeah there she was ; like disco lemonade".   This leads us to believe discolemonade's post at 4:44 pm was what led the sentinels to put her on "the list".  Note the occurrence of four.

Furthermore, discolemonade's post  at 4:44 PM reads:

it's all too much...the pressure

he's all that i can take

what position should i wear?

This looks like  song lyrics, which is possibly one of the requirements for making the list.

The Fifth Meeting of The Sacred Assortment concluded with the above names. 

Fifth meeting: four names [four again]  

Rum and steak?

On a side note, we would like to say that
Sunabozu is not one of us.  This person seeks

to mislead you.  "Facts" presented by this person are not part of this game.

If you listen to Sunabozu you will be led astray.

A user called "Sunabozu" was posting poetry-style list post and passing himself off as a sentinel.   I beleive this is an honest and straighforward attempt by the sentinels to prevent copycatting, however others may see it otherwise.

This poem shows that the number of people added each time is decreasing.  The part at the end is strange: does it imply that the next memebers added have not met the requirements?  And there's that four again... 

  SwimMod_Nayru was added to the list to replace "Prince-of-Pwnage", presumably because he asked to be removed, but why wasn't DanielFenton replaced instead of removed?

The Sixth Meeting of The Sacred Assortment concluded with the above names.

Seven is another number that would seem to be associated with The List.
The Seventh Meeting of The Sacred Assortment concluded with the addition of no new names.



This links to user profile #444, named "1234564".  Note that seven is replaced with a four.  Also, note that the DLV(date last visited) is in 1969.  If you replace the second four with a seven, you get use profile #445, named "1234567".  If you replace the first four with a seven, you get... nothing. :|

 GirlwGun was presumably added to bring the total number of names to 52, and to make up for DanielFenton's asking to be removed.
The List is done, the task complete.
It was rather something of a feat.
52 names placed in stone,
So now the list is fully grown.
All that's left is to wait,
until the counter reaches it's date.
Keep an eye here so you know,
some clues per day until I go.
This meants the list is over, and the counter [which ends on new years 2008] signifies the amount of time we have until all is revealed. 
Some interesting things about the number 52:   5+2=7   5-2=3   5*2=10    7,3, and ten are all list related numbers.  52 is also the number of weeks in a year in the Runic calendar. 
The Eighth Meeting of the Sacred Assortment concluded with the above names. 
 In response to an e-mail received tonight, a name has been replaced on The List.
All Sentinels are in agreement on the replacement.

--The One  (10:44PM)
This is where they inform us that Prince-of-Pwnage was replaced by nayru.  Also, "The One" has not been brought up before, and it can be assumed that he directed this whole operation, seeing as 10 people who don't know each other at all can't put together a freewebs and assign each other requirements without knowing each others names.  There must be One person who knows all the names, i.e. "The One".  The sentinels verified this, to some extent, in their posts.