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Page Three of The List


Here is your clue for the 29th of December

Let's see if you can remember...

 This opening suggests a past event.  It was posted on 12:01 on the 29th of december, along with the image below.

"chocolate_soda" has been mispelled "chrocolate_soda", and "aeternus_flammus" has been mispelled "aeturnus_flammus".  That gives us an incorect "I" and "U".  "Foureyes" is another four.  Nobody seems to know him.  The four people surrounding his profile pic were related through AIM conversations, or so sayeth aeternus_flammus.  The image title is "areyoureadingthisrightnowifsopostfour.bmp".  We posted "four".  A user the sentinels tell us is a copycat showed up. :|

So...we do not meet as a group now.  Some of you were asking.  There were Eight Meetings of the
Sacred Assortment in total.  The last of our meetings made a sub-list in case names wished to
be removed or some other unforeseen event took place.  We waited until we had a strong
sub-list before we ended our meetings.  We still do not know who each other's identities.
We are waiting, the same as you.

However, The One knows...and The One also knows the fakers.
Some of you want to spout madness just to confuse those trying to play along.
Some of you are getting close...a lot craftier than we expected.

A hint, though some of you were thiking along these lines anyway...
Things that appear wrong...always, always, always have a deeper meaning.

So, have figured out a few things about us.

 Throughout the investigation of The List, "The One" and the sentinels have encouraged us in our pursuits.  This post suggests that the list ended with GirlwGun, and any further names are merely clues as to the identity of "The One."

Very important! Notice where it says "A hint, though some of you were thiking along these lines anyway... Things that appear wrong [i.e. spelling errors] always, always, always have deeper meaning."

The fact that there was a spelling error in that very sentence cannot be ignored as a coincidence.  There is an "N" missing from "Thinking", and that is significant...

Deus's Birthday? Why is birthday in red? Is today his birthday? This update was posted today, the 29th, later in the day.

A special clue, just for Deus's Birthday.

 Another profile pic with a four in the name, and four names outside of it, just like the last update.  To the right are wingdings, or signs of the zodiac.  What wingding letters are they?  I'd like to know, but I'm to lazy... >.>

Also, these are zodiac symbols, which comes up a lot in complex zodiac related theories.

Both lines are anagrams.  The image title "MixedUpMashedUp.bmp suggests so.  "Oh! A Characters Nine... Omen?" could be translated into "I the one Arachnomancer" with an S left over.

Or mash the h and the n together and you can make "O its me Arachnomancer."  Or it could become "He is NOT arachnomancer" with an E left over. This raises Ara as a suspect, and dashes it down.

Honoree Fruits is an anagram for "there is no four"


Here, more copycat alts are denounced.  Via poem. :D

The image title? "thesepeoplearenotrealnojokesnofakehints3.bmp"  :D