The Federal Bureau of Incoherency

In the first meeting of "The Sacred Assortment", 24 names were added.  One name, (DanielFenton) was taken off the list at his request, via the email at the bottom, and was not replaced.

The First Meeting of the Sacred Assortment concluded with the names above.


 "Spam" "Ham" "Clam" and "ram" were all used in a thread created by spekinzdoich two days before the list began.

"Arekkusu_Emo_kid" only has 25 posts, meaning he met all 10 requirements in 25 posts.  Either he's a sentinel, or he bumbled his way onto the list, but either way, each of those posts should be scrutinized for potentially meeting the Ten Requirements.



 InsanFox was added shortly after using the words "rum" and "steak" in conjunction with the investigation.  Arekkusu also used rum and steak in his posts, and capitalized them suspiciously.  It's possible that saying "rum" and "steak" is one of the ten requirements of being on the list.

The Second Meeting of The Sacred Assortment concluded with the names above.

Second meeting: 14 names. 

 Here's another poem.  This one says that when the list is done [or sometime after] all the secrets will be revealed. "With none of us have you slept" my be a reference to CyberneticXmasGhost's claim that the list was a "list of the people he slept with."  This is humorous.  Laugh now. 


  Third meeting: 4 [A reoccurring number in this list]

 The Third Meeting of The Sacred Assortment concluded with the names above.

The Fourth Meeting of The Sacred Assortment does not exist. 

"Four does not exist" is brought up repeatedly in the list. 

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