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Page Five of The List

This image is entitled "runerevisited.bmp".  The figures seen are runes.  

   L- Laguz "Water" or "Leek"     D- Dagaz "dawn" or "day"        T- Tiwaz "Tyr, God of the Sky"


 Above are what appears to be bhudda's "Four Noble Truths".  Sunabozu, who has apparently decided to help instead of copycating sentinels, posted these four truths:
The text below would seem to have to do with the four truths as well. 
It may be said that
things of themselves are neither good nor bad,
pleasurable nor painful, nor in fact, anything at all.

Alright is the deal.
One final clue.  Perhaps you figure it out before the deadline.
Perhaps you don't...and you wait until then.
After this, you have all the clues that can be given. 
No matter who you suspect,
you will not know the answers until the final reveal here on the site. want your final clue?
 "Tiny Lord as a god"... Tiny_Joseph?
 My first time with a mod
featured a tiny lord as a god
Then I scared him you might say
a foolish smile, it made my day
This is connected to a long, long ago post.  Read this.  The mod, clearly, is Isen.  We might infer, from this, that Ara is connected to the list, and this thread is the key to that connection.  In the same thread, she said "My first time with a mod...good times". Isen said Ara scared him.  This made Ara smile.  Case close, on this riddle.  Ara's a collaborater.
You have your clues.
Watch the counter.
 This is done. 
Is this the final update? let's hope so, I'm getting tired of updating this freewebs by copying and pasting from another freewebs... >.<