The Federal Bureau of Incoherency

The List

Our first investigation, on December 28, 2007, was that of "The List".  It revolved around a message posted by Arachnomancer, claiming to have received it from an anonymous alt, and created forty pages of investigative efforts, something which is truly remarkable in IB.

The Omega

The second investigation, shortly after, is "The Omega".  On December 30th, messages were sent to several users containing hints related to "The Omega".  They were all sent by Virtuoso_Savant.  The Omega was solved, much more quickly and efficiently than the list.  The Omega was "I am a third of the devil", the devil being the number 666 and a third being the number six, so the solution was "Six"

The Omega: Round 2

The second part of the Omega was sent out on January 6, 2008.  It was also sent by Virtuoso_Savant, and followed the exact same format as the previous Omega.  The Omega, this time, was "What an odd time for Christmas", the answer being "July".

The Owl Forum

Since the days of Milarkie, Order of the Owl users have proliferated the rumor that they converge on a secret Owl Forum.  Lower ranking users are forever left to wonder: Is it real? A while back, I had compiled all the facts I can relating to The Owl forum, in hopes of discovering the truth of the matter before becoming an OotO.  Well, I found out the truth before becoming OotO.  I'm not going to tell you it, though. [It's fake]

The Zomega

The Zomega is a series of Omega-like riddles, with the same style, however they carry a much more comical tone.  At first, the FBI suspected the sole purpose of the Zomega was to mock the FBI and its riddle-solving.  We discovered, however, that FBI agent Fok had delivered it, and that it was intended as an actual riddle.  The Joke: "What kind of bee gives milk?"  The Punchline: "Boo-bees". DA-DUN, TSH!

The Chain

The Chain is yet another Omega-styled riddle, with a number of clues, each indicating their position and value.  It also had a new feature, a cipher which helped determine the order of the clues based on the number of sides in the shape assigned to each clue.  That answer thus acheived was "The number of these in our group is now".  Clearly, this is incomplete, and led the FBI to investigate the numbers in parenthesis further.  We discovered that by placing the clues in order of their (  ) numbers, and selecting a character from each clue based on the number of sides in that clue's shape [example: quadrilateral=4, 4th character in clue], we formed the remainder of the clue, "eight of them". 

Therefore, The Chain in its entirity reads "The number of these in our group is now eight of them", and the answer is "Planets", because Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

Crop R

This is yet ANOTHER Omega-style riddle, with a general agricultural and mineral feel to it.  The solution, after a complex system of eliminating letters, is "Earth".

The Omega: Finishing the Trilogy

The Omega: "One rogue cook asked me to get eggs, milk and flour. She lied."

The Solution: "The Cake is a Lie".  Once again, we have use of IB memes.