The Federal Bureau of Incoherency

The Federal Bureau of Incoherncy was formed on December 28th, 2007, to solve a freewebs site full of names and clues simply titled "The List". The Bureau investigates any and all mysteries in IB.  It is now mainly devoted to finding the requirements for the ranks. 

Here are all the investigators working on it now, and some who have worked on it in the past. :

  1. The_Pirate-King (Site Manager & FBI Founder)
  2. Inhumanrampager
  3. Arachnomancer [alt hunter & assistant site manager] (Poster who created "The List")
  4. newnightcreature0
  5. yupat
  6. Fok (Poster who created "The Zomega", "Crop R" and "The Chain")
  7. RoboBuddha
  8. Swim_DrewId
  9. JustinOther
  10. Discolemonade
  11. Wacky1980
  12. GirlwGun
  13. KrazyAce17
  14. HornshireStrikesBack
  15. duzitickle
  16. Virtuoso_Savant (Poster who created "The Omega")
  17. CartoonPlanet (Vigilent Rank Hunter)